Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ddong chim

One of the first things in Korea that stands out is that it's a very "touching feeling" culture. It's not strange to see two young boys holding hands in class while doing their work, or two girls walking down the street holding hands. Or later at night, seeing two drunk men wobbling down the sidewalk hand in hand or arms around each other.

I didn't particularly find it as strange as some of my co-workers did, but I had a real shock that first time I leaned over in class to check a students work and next thing I know a little girl is shoving her two index and middle fingers up the my butt! They call it "ddong chim" (poop needle), they put their hands together, almost like a pistol shape, with thumb poking up, and drive it as hard as they can into the seat of your pants.


  1. The "touchy feely" thing doesn't bother me at all. But when it comes to a "poop needle" ... no thank you.

  2. yeah, it's one of the few things here that isn't cute! haha