Wednesday, March 30, 2011


After enough time in Korea, you start hearing the term, "in-yeon."

"In" means person, and "yeon" is a tie, so "human ties", but it has usually been translated to me as "karmic affinity."

It's often used when you have a sudden strong, or seemingly coincidental connection to someone.

It sometimes leaves me wondering how I could have such a strong affinity with a country I am so foreign to, but the threads of Karma are a complicated mat to unravel. Sometimes I actually feel more of an affinity to things here, mostly things of old, than I do to my old life at home. EunBong complains that my hobbies make me look like a grandfather!

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  1. "EunBong complains that my hobbies make me look like a grandfather!"
    If you really want to have fun with her, tell her you want to start collecting those knarled rocks that have the small wooden stands.