Monday, November 5, 2012

Three November Bows

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The hardwood floor is cold on the palms of my hands.
My forehead is less sensitive. 
Yesterday I've caused suffering for others.
Today I've caused suffering for others.
Tomorrow I will cause suffering for others.

Just in case this little moment in my thoughts comes off as confusing,
I wasn't reciting a twisted set of vows or something like that, but trying to adjust the focus away from myself to a greater awareness of the reality of existence.

While bowing, I often start telling myself, "Bow sincerely, bow sincerely," but then realize I'm not entirely sure what that is...

At Musangsa, Zen Master Dae Bong suggested that when we bow, we remind ourselves that in our lives we've done wrong. The understanding I'm currently sitting on is that if I tell myself this with a sincere mind, the desire to end suffering is the only response. Even though I know I'll be creating more.
Since I was only doing a short three bows, the yesterday, today, tomorrow was spontaneous. 

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