Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Space & Time

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One of the first posts on this blog, when I'd been meditating for a few months, spent a week in Dharamsala, and I thought I knew just about everything about Buddhism, was a definitive essay on Kamma (aka Karma) and Dhamma (aka Dharma). Yes, all three short paragraphs of it.

It was partly because of that post that I realized how little I knew/know, so in the end it was helpful, just not how I intended it to be.

The Buddha said something along the lines of, your head will shatter into a thousand pieces trying to understand Kamma. Not a direct quote, but it did calm me from thinking I could grasp it, at least not in three, now deleted, paragraphs. Instead, I've been finding some of the different aspects that combine to create Kamma and keep moving further and further from the having good Karma/bad Karma, per-practice understanding.

More recently, I've been paying attention to the relationship between Kamma and space and time, and my experience in it, which is much easier to understand. It's been an eye opener into the effects of my choices and habits. Much of the culmination has been frustrating, but once in a while I find myself presented with what I call little Karmic gifts in space and time, like this little bird in the mountain coming over to great me, letting me know that if this little, wild being felt connected enough to come say hello, some of my choices have been alright ❧

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  1. a wonderful image and a thoughtful post and i see myself in your thoughts...