Wednesday, May 16, 2012

red radish

Since March, Fina and I have been keep a little "garden" (a few buckets and styrofoam boxes) in a small outdoor space in our building. 

My objective was more just to grow things with Fina more than to grow food, though I'm pretty excited for the Scarlet Runners and peas! One of the things we planted was jeok-mu "red radish", seeds that were meant to be eaten as sprouts, but I wanted to let them grow. Radish in these parts are green and white, and about the size of clunky football, so I was really surprised whne after a few weeks we had what I consider a "real" radish to be!

I couldn't resist pulling one out early to taste it. Fina thought it was spicy but I thought it was the best radish I'd ever tasted!

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