Wednesday, March 28, 2012

fresh from the oven...

It was nearly an hour and a half before I was able to hold my son, and only because EunBong told the nurse to let me hold him, but the important thing was that everyone was healthy!

I'd heard before that in korean culture, the fathers aren't supposed to hold the baby, though I haven't been given any good reason why. I think it's just one of those things they've been doing for so long and no one ever questions it (except the non-Koreans!).

The other weird thing is that they got really upset when I tried to see the baby coming out. I'd watched Fina being born and thought one nurse didn't want me to, the doctor told her it was okay. This time, they stuck me in the corner, where I couldn't see a thing. This time I did get a reason why. Apparently, many Korea men don't want to have sex with their wives again after seeing them give birth. They do still want to have sex, mind you, just not with their wives. Not that it's my business, but it did cost me the opportunity to see my son being born.

After he was born, I expected them to let me hold him, but I was immediately made to leave the room. I ignored them just long enough to take a picture of my son. After pacing the hall for nearly ten minutes, the nurse brought me over to see him. I thought she would let me hold him, but she only showed me his different parts for me to take pictures. "Feet, hand," then opening his diaper, "penis!"

I didn't really care, actually, I just wanted to hold him. She was standing ther holding him, almost taunting me, then said he was going to go breastfeed now.

In Korean, I asked, "I can go together, right?"

"Oh, no, no, no, no!"


"Is my wife okay?"


And she was gone, leaving me pacing the floor again. After a while, they brought me back in, and I saw EunBong, finally. I grabbed our bags and called my mom, then we were brought to EunBong's room, where after an hour, they finally brought the baby. He looked a bit like a blueberry when he was born, but he was a nice colour now. I held him for a few minutes, then the nurse took him back down to the nursery.

I'd understood that I would have the day off work, but at about this time my manager sent me a message asking when I'd be there. I wanted to tell her, "Tomorrow!" but instead, I told her I'd be an hour late. I'm really not very fond of being a father in Korea!

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