Sunday, January 29, 2012

last day in Singapore

After three months in India, Singapore really felt like heaven. Clean, relaxing, relatively hassle-free, other than my read Indian pants getting mixed in with my whites, giving the few clothes I had a noticeable pink hue. That said, three days was good, another couple would have been all right but I would have got bored quickly.

We walked around the business district, then to the Lai Chun Yuen Opera House, where we avoided a tropical downpour. On the way out, I slipped down the stone staircase, landing on my camera pack, then bouncing down three steps. Aside form my back and elbow being messed up, my 200mm lens got knocked, living it unable to focus at full zoom, and 12-24mm got its lens knocked out of place and its casing cracked, leaving it unable to auto-focus at all.

Once I recovered, we walked (I hobbled) into Chinatown again for tea and dropped by the huge Chinese temple, known as the Tooth Relic Temple, then back to the hostel, where we booked some flights around Indonesia and headed for the ferry terminal.

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