Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kolkata, last day in India

January 26th, 2008

My last day in India, it rained like crazy all morning. I didn't really mind, though. There wasn't anything I wanted to do really.

The Victoria Memorial wasn't too far away so I got a taxi to swing by on the way to lunch, an amazing Thai restaurant on the ground floor of a hotel. The only picture I took in Kolkata was a single shot of the memorial, then ran back into the taxi before I got soakedThe driver offered to wait, even though I told him that I'd be a while. After eating he I headed out to meet him and just a few blocks from the guesthouse, he told me he wanted $100 for a tip. I told him he was crazy and I didn't even have $100, then dropped the money we'd already agreed upon on the seat and jumped out. I'd rather walk a few minutes then to spend them arguing in a taxi.

I checked out of the hotel, while talking to the nice old man who owned the place.He sat at his desk, slowly eating a plate of sliced tomato, telling me he'd switch to a diet of raw vegetables year ago and had healthy he'd been since.

He asked how I was getting to the airport and I said I'd be taking a taxi. He then said I must get them to book the taxi for me, and give them the pay, then the taxi driver can only get the money after they drop me off safely. I mentioned what had just happened with the other taxi, and he told me many people actually do give them $100, out of fear. I was glad I'd jumped out of the car before he had a chance to threaten me.

The taxi ride to the airport was a lot of fun. The driver was friendly and played me his favourite pop songs, singing a long and laughing. I was just starting to think it was a nice way to end my India journey when we pulled up to the airport and he turned around and told me he wanted a $100 tip...

I guess it ended up being more of an "appropriate" way to end the trip...

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