Thursday, January 26, 2012

arriving in Singapore

I arrived in Singapore at about #:30 am.

I was a bit disappointed about leaving India without visiting Darjeeling, but mostly I was relieved it was over.

While waiting for my luggage, three young Indian men stood behind me say, "You know, we can't smoke, spit, litter, or pee in the streets here. Maybe we should get on the next flight back to India!"


  1. Too funny!!! In India people piss anywhere like it's their own personal toilet! It's disgusting.
    But so funny you heard Indian people saying that, nice for them to see what clean countries look like!!

  2. Actually, Shelley, now that you mention it, I think that was one of the things they mentioned! haha

    I'm going to add it now!

    There was a day in Indonesia where I sort felt felt like I was back in India, but something was missing. I suddenly realized, "Oh! No one is shitting in the street!"