Wednesday, December 21, 2011

leaving Pushkar

Tom Waits § the Part You Throw Away

We dragged ourselves out of the Pink Floyd Hotel early and had breakfast a few turns down the alley in a nice, open, outdoor restaurant in a sort of garden. Soon, we would be going separate ways, so spirits were a little dampened. Carlos and I were heading to Jodhpur together, while the girls were on their way to Jaipur. Kristine and Carlos had been hitting it off since before they even met me at the Taj Mahal, so it was even heavier for them.

Walking through  the Pushkar alleys one last time, and headed back to the bus station on the edge of the city where we had arrived.   

We went with Jasmine and Kristin to the train station and waited with them until they were on their way then we headed to the bus terminal. It would have been really nice for the four of us to stick together longer but after Jaipur they were on thier way to Goa for Cristmas and New Year's. As tepting as it was to go back down to the south coast, my Goa days were finished. Carlos and I both wanted to go Camel trekking through the dessert in a couple of days.

So, the girls headed to the Pink City and the boys headed to the Blue City.

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