Friday, August 19, 2011

九 Reaching the Source

Long and strenuous was the journey
Untying the measureless thread

What good is this bundle of senses
If used only to fabricate experience

The stone steps are cold against bare feet
The spring rain is wet on my face

Pink and white pedals fluttering gently to the ground

Come and see!

Asleep with eyes open, we see the world but filtered through a dream.

Until full awakening, and we are able to perceive things just as they are.

Then wouldn't you want to ring the bell for others to wake up, too?

Reaching the Source

In returning to the fundamentals and going back to the source,
I had to work so hard.
Perhaps it would have been better to be blind and deaf.
Being in the hut, I do not see what is outside.
The river flowing tranquilly,
The flower simply being red.

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  1. In the Kwan Um tradition, this stage is called "truth world" - everything is just like this.