Saturday, August 20, 2011

十 In the World

The lotus blooms, delighting to look at and smell
But when the pedals wilt and fall, the pod begins its work

How many ages of suffering
Does the moment of a child's smile cut through?

Seeds drop back to the pond

Because I suffer, I know the suffering of others.

Because I am happy, I want to share it with you.

Maybe there will never be an end to the suffering in this world, but that's why it's so important to try.

In the World

He enters the city barefoot, with chest exposed.
Covered in dust and ashes, smiling broadly.
No need for the magic powers of the gods and immortals,
Just let the dead tree bloom again.


  1. Hey Joseph

    Nice photo, I love seeing the kids =D I see you moved your blog, ya those ads are annoying. Its funny, they won't allow people to put ads, but they make people pay to get rid of them. I think if I was to pay them not to put ads, I would self host instead =D


  2. And, finally, in the Kwan Um tradition, this is the stage of "correct function." Attain substance and truth (images 8 & 9), then use that attainment to help all beings.

    This is a wonderful series, Joseph. It's at the top of the list on Ox Herding! Thank you for the effort you put into it.

  3. Thank you Barry, for your support and help along the way. I almost jumped when I saw my name out of the corner of my eye while reading your blog the other day.

    Unfortunately, I made a big hassle and switched my blog, so I'm not sure if the link will work now, but I'm going to put them all together on a single post or page when I get a chance, I'll send you the link maybe this weekend.

    Did ZMSS say much about the series? Or did other monks in the Kwan Um school discuss them?

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