Saturday, May 7, 2011

Five Precepts Blues - #5.8 Lilac Wine

Nina Simone - Lilac Wine

With all this talk of intoxicants this week, I haven't felt any urge to indulge, actually, I'm getting a little burned out on the subject, already! But I have had a cold for the past three days, which pretty much gives me all the cons of being intoxicated and none of the pros... not being able to think clearly, see or listen effectively. It reminds me that not taking care of myself isn't much different from the effect of consuming toxins, the bug inside of me isn't much gentler.

And what about the other internal intoxicants we allow to take us over, the self intoxication of the eight worldly concerns for instance. Hope for happiness and fear of suffering, hope for fame and fear of insignificance, hope for praise and fear of blame, hope for gain and fear of loss. Aren't these show an equally lacking in mindfulness? What about the intoxication of a broken heart? Does it get much more numbing than that? After all, the whole reason for the fifth precept really is to maintain mindfulness.

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