Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five Precepts Blues; #2.4 - Buffalo Skinners

 John Renbourn • Buffalo Skinners

Why, the working season ended
And Krego, he did say,
'Y'all have drunk too much
That I owe you no more pay.'

But the cowboys never had heard
Such a thing as a bankrupt law,
So we left that drover's bones to bleach
On the plains of the buffalo.

The flaw in this month's posts is that most of these songs are about breaking the precepts rather than following them, but at least this is one that also has an example of the consequences of not following the precepts, as harsh of an example as it is.

The thing is, in life, we tend to surround ourselves with people similar to ourselves, so the more skillfully we conduct ourselves, the better our company, and vise-versa. Murders and thieves will surround themselves with the same, and you can't expect to stick around for long when that is your community!


  1. Yes, it's odd how music, movies, etc., seem to celebrate transgressions. Maybe we need these reminders of just how bad things can get...

  2. If there's anything I've learned watching Korean TV, it's that we humans love drama!