Saturday, March 5, 2011

another spring

It's been spring in Korea for a month now and of the last couple of weeks, it's actually started feeling like it.

Spring sweeps over the peninsula like a long breath, starting in the southern islands and eventually reaching us here, close to the North/South border.

The news last night was showing the first plum blossoms of the season in Seogwipo, on the south coast of semi-tropical Jeju. In Jirisan, They've been harvesting buds for plum-blossom tea for a couple of weeks now.

Here in Bundang, signs of Spring are considerably more subtle, but of the past few weeks, we've seen these colourful little ducks paddling through Tancheon, the stream that the city flows beside. I wasn't able to identify their species, but they're similar to Mandarin ducks, minus the flare! They'll stay a few more weeks, then continue north, having done their work announcing to those of us paying attention that Spring is here!


  1. Beautiful ducks, Joseph! Does Fina get as excited about seeing them as you did at her age ? We heard the Canada geese honking from upriver yesterday. They stayed here all winter and I'm sure they're shaking their heads in wonder for having made such a foolish decision.
    Wow, the very thought of plum blossom tea tantalizes my taste buds! What a sight for winter weary eyes those trees must be! The snow is melting slowly here and the willows are plumping up and changing colour. My feet and heart are restless to roam!

  2. Funny how these early days of "spring" (not yet here, by solar calendar) can feel so cold. But I did see the first open buds of a flowering cherry today, an early-blooming variety, not the knock-your-socks-off variety that will bloom in 6 weeks.

  3. Dear Joseph,

    Perhaps we have not met each other yet. I am a Korean woman living in Bangkok attending Hanmaum Bangkok branch. Got to know about your site through Wake up and Laugh site, through Chong go sunim and Marcus.

    Here I just would like to thank you for the beautiful spring pictures in Korea you shared here. Thank you.