Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

In Korea, it's a tradition to watch the sunrise on January 1st.

Though I've never made it to a sunrise on this particular day, I thought I'd share some of my favorite sunrises...


  1. thanks Joseph... blessings to you and your lovely family !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You have seen the world in such a loving and passionate way, Joseph! And what profound blessings you have experienced and shared with the rest of us through your photographs and words. Don't ever imagine that this has had no influence in the wider world of human activity--you have, in fact, helped many shape their perception of the world and their soul companions in ways that would have otherwise been totally incomprehensible and inaccessible otherwise. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity we (Dad & I) had to venture way beyond our known comfort zone to travel to Korea, a country that has imprinted itself indelibly in my psyche and heart space. My love for you and your family is boundless and I thank you for expanding my perceptions with such powerful and life-transforming awarenesses. I have enjoyed reliving those transcendent moments this evening as I say farewell to the year that is passing and lovingly accept the new one that is entering. Blessings be to all sentient beings and to the physical universe that has so graciously lent itself to our ongoing enlightenment! At this moment I love everyone I have ever known and many I have yet to meet...

  3. I clicked on each photo that took me to the broader context you experienced at the time the photos were taken. Awesome, Joseph!! If you do go back to the temple we visited with you on our first walkabout in BunDang, please light a candle for me and dedicate it to all those who made my visit there so meaningful. The tea master and his wife; the women who shared their persimmons and apples with me in the burial site of the ancient Buddhist kings and queens; the candy maker in Insadong Market; the seamstress (and her husband)who made the hanboks; the countless people who acknowledged us in the streets we traversed; the musicians in the subway station; the monks we passed and bowed to in the streets; the women who scrubbed my body so vigorously and appreciatively at the spa we went to the night before your wedding; ; Samsung Plaza and the hairdresser who made me shine; and Eun Bong's aunt, whose face I recognized the Buddha in...

  4. Great pictures! Thank you Joseph! Especially that first one wow!

    (Sadly, I once saw a truly awful, totally rubbish Korean film which featured that sculpture in the sea - but your magnificent photo has gone a long way to restore it in my mind to what it was meant to be!)

    Happy New Year to you and your family! And thank you again.

    Marcus _/\_

  5. Happy new year to you and your family, Joseph! And best wishes for the coming months.


  6. Happy New Year, Joseph. Many warm wishes for you and your beautiful family that 2011 will contain love, joy and lots of fun for all of you!

  7. Thanks everyone, in my physical or on-line family!
    Happy New Year everyone!!