Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"World’s Happiest Man” (Mingyur Rinpoche) coming to Korea

I just received this email from SeoulTibet.

If anyone (who will be in Korea) is  interested, contact me, and I'll lead the way!

(You may have to be in Korea, but you don't have to be "Buddhist"!)

“World’s Happiest Man” (Mingyur Rinpoche) comes to Korea

Mingyur Rinpoche, one of the greatest meditation teachers in the world, will make his first visit to Korea. Due to scientific research done on his brain, he was called the “world’s happiest man.” He is a best-selling author (Joy of Living) with a unique ability to teach meditation in an easy-to-understand and inspiring way. Above all, he has actualized the fruits of meditation, which are a deep sense of wellbeing, unshakable confidence, unending joy, and complete freedom of the mind.

Rinpoche will give two public talks.

February 12 Saturday 10 a.m.

Gongsosa Temple in Suwon 031-246-1001

February 13 Sunday 10 a.m.

Jogye Order Administration Building (next to Jogyesa)

Basement Performance Hall

Directions to Gongsosa:

From Seoul take 7770 from Sadang Station or 3000 from Kyodae or Gangnam Station. Get off at “Hanguk Gas Anjeong Gongsa.” Cross the street and walk south (right). Then, look for the small street with the sign “Gongsosa” in Korean. Walk up this street and Gongsosa is near the top of the street.

For more information on Mingyur Rinpoche:  www. tergar.org

세계 가장 행복한 사람 밍규르 린포체님이 한국에 온다.

세계 유수의 명상 지도자이신 밍규르 린포체님이 한국에 처음으로 오십니다. 신경과학자들이 밍규르 린포체님의 뇌를 fMRI로 촬영한 결과 ‘지구에서 가장 행복한사람’이라는 별칭을 얻었으며, 베스트셀러 (Joy of Living) 저자이기도 합니다.

그분의 특징은 (meditation)을 알아듣기 쉽고 감동받게 가르치는 탁월한 능력을 갖추셨으며, 무엇보다 린포체님은 깊은 평화와 흔들리지 않는 자신감과 끝없는환희 그리고 마음의 완전한 자유—바로 (meditation)의 결과를 이루신 분입니다.

한국에서 밍규르 린포체님은 2번의 대중강의를 가지겠습니다.

밍규르 린포체님의 강의 일정

1차 일시 : 2월 12일(토요일) 10시

장소 : 공소사 (수원시 장안구 파장동 415번지 031-246-1001)

공소사 찾아가는

좌석버스: 7770,3000,900,300,2007 일반버스: 777,27,27-1

지하철1호선 성균대역 하차(율전마을버스 2,2-1,2-2, 수일남중 하차)

2차 일시 : 2월13일(일요일) 10시

장소 : 한국불교역사문화기념관 지하 공연장

(조계사옆 조계종 총무원 빌딩)

홈페이지 : www.tergar.org

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