Friday, November 15, 2013

Dharma Brothers

Five and a half years ago, my friends and I took our 5 precepts at the Hanmaum Seon Center. This weekend we will be reunited (most of us) for the first time in nearly five years at Hanmaum again to have our vows renewed.

I'm looking forward to seeing them again, even more than the ceremony. Great friends have been scarce though out my time in Korea and even a hectic day together will be rejuvenating, just as I anticipate the karma of the ceremony will be rejuvenating in the direction of my life (I can always use a swift kick in the dharma pants!). The precepts can be a powerful prescription.

Looking back at the photos, I have to laugh at the four of us showing up bald. People may get the impression that it was necessary, but it wasn't! Two of us by circumstance, occasional habit for myself, and a total surprise by the other! I'll be wearing my full-blown mop this time...

Anyway, looking forward to seeing my friends this weekend! I hope we all arrive safely!

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