Saturday, November 9, 2013

Avalokitesvara has a sex change!

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Excerpt from Khyentse Rinpoche talk:

"Avalokiteśvara is everywhere. When you go to places like Burma or Sri Lanka, Avalokiteśvara is understood as the Gate Keeper. This layboy, layman who holds the lotus. A very nice layboy who is a disciple of the Buddha. Now in Tibet, Avalokiteśvara is a very big deal. Almost everything about Tibetan practice is related to Avalokiteśvara. And when Avalokiteśvara arrives in China, it looks like Avalokiteśvara has a sex change! And Avalokiteśvara suddenly is a female. So, Avalokiteśvara is not a deity only, it is a phenomena, it is the phenomena, it is universe."

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  1. Maybe she had the operation, but judging by the goatee she still needs hormone therapy! ;)