Tuesday, September 17, 2013

End of the Hunger Strike at Jogyesa

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I received a disheartening message from a monk who was involved in the earlier stages of the protest.

They've called off the protest and have returned to their mountain temples since today Ja Seung announced that he will go ahead and run for re-election despite his promise not to.

In his words, "Yes, our protest is righteous but not fully and properly supported from the public since the main mascom is bribed by the powerful and corrupted monks. And the result is we, the Zen monks quit the protest and went back in the mountain Zen monastery yesterday, when Ja-Seung, the present head monk declared to go for the next election which he promised not to dare to undertake. He betrayed his promise and all Buddhist Sangha. And Zen monks' simple and pure way of hunger strike seems to be nothing but a minority's opinion to him. But it is the voice of Dharma and conscience and justice. Let's see what will happen to him and the corrupted monks. Generally speaking the lay Buddhists are not recommended to be involved in Sangha's inner conflicts. But this is the not that kind of. Zen monks' protest is for reestablishment of pure Sangha free from scandals; sex, gambling and violence. Thanks."

I will continue to morally support the noble and virtuous monks and nuns in the Jogye Order who are deserving of the robes they wear. Perhaps the best way I can do to help is to tell those listening that they still do exist and they are many.

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