Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Melody; The Air That I Breathe

K.D. Lang ~ The Air That I Breathe

I came across a list of top ten songs that remind you to breathe at the bottom of a news article last night, and though none of the songs would have matched my own list, if I made one, when I saw K.D. Lang's cover, I had to listen.

One thing the song did remind me of something Ven. Sandima asked me when me met in Seoul, otherwise I wouldn't have ever thought to post it here. “What holds you? What keeps your body up?” Breath is what he explained is the most important thing.

If the list would have mentioned the Hollies' cover, I'm not sure I would have used it here either (it wasn't what I had in mind!), but there's is something intriguing about Lang's version.

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