Friday, August 31, 2012

temple rules

On Sunday, I will be meeting Barry "the Ox Herder" at Musangsa.

I went on their homepage to look for directions to the temple and came across their temple rules. Here are a few that stood out to me. I hope I can hold them!

Actually, as I was going through them again, there wasn't a single part that wasn't profound. If you wish to read them all, they are here:

You must first make a firm decision to attain enlightenment and help others.

Do not cling to your opinions. Do not discuss your private views with others.
Do not go where you have no business. Do not listen to talk which does not concern you.
Do not make the bad karma of desire, anger, or ignorance.

Always act with others. Do not put yourself above others by acting differently. Arrogance is not permitted in the temple.
Money and sex are like a spiteful snake. Put your concern with them far away.

Always let others go before you.
Help other people.
Do not play games with other people.
Do not gossip.

Do not delude yourself into thinking you are a great and free person. This is not true Buddhism.
Attend only to yourself. Do not judge the actions of others.
Do not make the bad karma of killing, stealing, or of lust.

Originally there is nothing.

If you can break the wall of your self,
You will become infinite in time and space.

Your evil tongue will lead you to ruin. You must keep the stopper in the bottle. Only open it when necessary.
Do not make the bad karma of lying, exaggerating, making trouble between people, or cursing others.

An eminent teacher said, "A day without work is a day without eating."
There are two kinds of work: inside work and outside work. Inside work is keeping clear mind. Outside work is cutting off selfish desire and helping others.
First work, then eat.

Do not be lazy.

Perceive the true meaning of chanting and sitting, and act accordingly.

The sound of the waterfall and the bird's song
Are the great sutras.

Where are you going?
Watch your step.

Water flows down to the sea.
Clouds float up to the heavens

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