Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monday Morning Blues; Down Hearted Blues

B.B. King · Down Harted Blues

Another song about not loving in a skilful way, but mostly I'm just fixing the fact that, in all this time, I haven't posted a B.B. King song!

Here is an interesting excerpt from 'Nothing Higher to Live For, A Buddhist View of Romantic Love'
by Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano (Leonard Price).

"Indeed, many take it on faith that romantic love is the highest thing to live for. Popular literature, movies, art, and music tirelessly celebrate it as the one truth accessible to all. Such love obliterates reason, as poets have long sweetly lamented, and this is part of its charm and power, because we want to be swept up and spirited out of our calculating selves. "Want" is the key word, for in the spiritual void of modern life the wanting of love becomes increasingly indistinguishable from love itself. So powerful, so insistent is it that we seldom notice that the gratification is rare and the craving relentless. Love is mostly in anticipation; it is an agony of anticipation; it is an ache for a completion not found in the dreary round of mundane routine. That we never seem to possess it in its imagined fullness does not deter us. It hurts so bad that it must be good."

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