Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cello in the Sunshine

My mom keeps mentioning that people are asking why I'm not posting more pictures of Cello. Well, it's been a lot busier than usually with two, now. Eunbong used to call Fina the baton. When one of us was tired holding her, we would say, "Baton pass!" Know with two batons, I end up with the heavier one!

Since Cello arrived, I've tried to give a lot of attention. Especially since Korean daughters tend to be all but forgotten once the son is born. She didn't regress to any baby habits, and so far, she hasn't shown any jealousy towards Cello at all... until I point my camera at him, then she starts shouting, "No! Fina picture!" and runs in front of the camera!

I managed to get her to let me take these with the afternoon sun shining in the window, though, along with a couple of mandatory "Fina Picture"s.

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