Monday, December 26, 2011

Jaisalmer Fort

Decemeber 26th, 2007

I spent the day exploring the alleys of the Jaisalmer fort. I wouldn't say it was spectacular or anything, but it was an interesting sight, none the less.

In the morning, I found a really nice Tibetan restaurant with a crammed outdoor section perched on the roof with a great view of the city. I tried Tibetan noodle soup and vegi momas, a Tibetan staple, sort a cross between a samosa and a Chinese dumpling.

Later, I went down to the taylor shop, outside the gate to bring back the blue fabric I'd bought. I wasn't expecting a refund, but thought maybe I could change it for a different color. They asked why I wanted to return it, so I told them the guide told me it was for funerals. They looked a bit surprised that I'd found out  out but said they wouldn't exchange it. When I said it was wrong of them to have played a trick on me just because I'm a tourist and to just take it, they said it had too much bad energy now, so they didn't want it. I said it was okay, I wasn't angry, just it would be better for it to be used then to just be thrown away, they could give it to anyone who wanted it. I figured they would agree to that, and I left it there.

After admiring the outside walls of the fort during a quick lunch on the Jaisal Italy terrace, I met a young woman selling jewelry in the parking lot. There was something about her face they totally captivated me. I bought a few things from here just so that I could ask to take her picture. She had the bindi and line of color along the part in her hair, signaling she was married, but hers was purple instead of the usual red. I chatted with her for a while, then headed back up the fort to meet Carlos before I caused any trouble with her husband...

It was time for another marathon train ride, this time to the India capitol, Delhi.

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