Thursday, November 10, 2011

Palolem, day 6; goodbye Palolem

The last day in Goa was uneventful, but that was fine with all of us.

Shelley bought some jewelry from two cousins, Laxmi and Gita, who made a living selling to tourists on the beach and they convinced me to get a henna tattoo of  "Om" on my wrist. Gita said it would be good for me during my time in India.

That night, for the first time, we had supper off the beach, at Magic Italy, an amazing Italian restaurant a few minutes walk down the access road to the beach among the convenience store, internet cafe, and tourist shops. It's owned an old Italian man and as far as I could tell, it was as authentic as could be. I had a caesar salad, wood-fired pizza, and gorgonzola pasta, which were all excellent. If I were to go back again, I'd put aside two week's salary just to eat there!

After eating, we had about an hour to pack before our overnight bus to Hampi, about 360km/220miles east (hard to believe it would require an overnight trip). We's already said goodbye to Geeta an the rest of the people we'd gotten to know, along with their beautiful children earlier, before all shops closed for the night, now it was time to say goodbye to Pascal, Nadine, Marianne (another Swiss friend who joined the group), and finally the beach.

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