Monday, November 7, 2011

Palolem, day 3; Palm trees and Estonians

Not much different than the previous days, except no more rain...

We began to get friendly with the couple who had a small internet cafe as well as Geeta, the young woman who has a clothing store at the beginning of the path leading to the beach huts.

There were also a flamboyant, slightly chintzy, group of people who had an uncanny sense for finding which ever restaurant we were in at which ever time of day or night. the three most noticeable members of the group were a tall, slim, sunburned blonde, bursts of bright blue eye shadow, who wore the same pink bikini everyday, her partner, a solid block of muscle with in a leopard-print speedo and blonde crew-cut, and their friend, a dark-skinned brunette, with who obviously lifted weights, a lot, and also obviously had sizable implants...

Anywhere they went they were the center of attention, which got the girls I was with going a bit. We'd guessed they were Russian, but the girls somehow found out they were from Estonia (I think they were having a bit of drama-withdrawl...). Their entourage seemed to be a professional film crew, which had Nadine and Shelley guessing they were in Goa filming a porno. Pascal promised he'd ask where they could buy the movie before the end of the week.

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