Sunday, November 6, 2011

Palolem, day 2; Holy Cows and Monsoon (the storm)

Morning on the beach was beautiful. The soft hues of dawn suited the tropical coast nicely.

Not many other tourists were up yet so the beach mostly quiet except for the fisherman, dogs, and local herd of Holy Cows...

While Shelley found herself somewhere between intrigued and repulsed by the amount of European men in Speedos but I was totally fascinated by the amount of cows there were on the beach.

Other than hangout with the cows, the rest of the day was spent rotating between the beach, the Persian Sea, the hammock on the porch of our hut, and the string of restaurants along the sand.

The monsoon ended that night with a huge downpour followed by a lightning storm just off the beach. I stood on the sand while lightning struck in the place of last night's sunset.