Monday, September 5, 2011

Socrates' "not knowing"

The "Buddha-dharma" is a term used to name the teachings of the Buddha and translates something like the universal law or natural law of the universe according to the Buddha.

But these laws or rules are not unique or exclusive to the Buddha. He may just have been unique in the extent and detail of which he expounded the Dharma.

Truth is truth no matter what the source.

It's interesting to see that not many years after the Buddha lived, Socrates had some teachings very similar to what you might hear at a Dharma Talk today in Korea.

"Know yourself," some of Socrates most famous words, sounds a lot like, "Who am I?", the most common question to focus on in Korean Zen.

When once asked if he knew himself, Socrates replied, "No, but I understand this not knowing."

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