Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday Morning Blues; Dragon Song

Carl Oglesby • Dragon Song

There isn't any Dharmic content in particular that made me choose this song, just it's a very nice song about a dragon that isn't named "Puff". 

A few months ago, EunBong and I began asking if we should have another child. At first, we might as well have been asking each other if we were absolutely crazy. But then we started leaning a little towards, "yes."

We thought it would be good for Fina to have a sibling to keep her company and play with at home. When I mentioned that to Chong Go Sunim, he gave pretty solid advice, "If that's your reason for having another baby, find another one!" 

Having three sisters, one older and two younger, I could appreciate the advice from both sides. Growing up with them was the biggest challenge of my life. I'd like to say I made it through with sanity intact but that wouldn't be entirely true! At the same time, that experience shaped who I am and was a strong basis of my initial search for the path. What we really felt was that one more baby might balance things out, and when we're old and dying, Fina will still have family.

So, we decided we'd try one time and let the universe decide the rest. Fina was the result of nearly three months of "steady practice", so I wasn't overly optimistic, but it turned out once was enough! 

The due date is in March, 2012, which will be the year of the Dragon. I don't put much focus on those things, but I enjoy looking at it, anyway. With Fina being an ox and now a dragon on the way, we'll have quite a mix!

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