Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning Blues; Andante


I know I've stretched the use of the terms "Blues" already, including Jazz, Folk, and Country, but thought I'd push it even further this time. (And being just a few hours west of the International Date Line, I realize the term "Monday" is a stretch, too!)

Sitting in meditation each night, I notice that my mind starts reliving the days events, things said, and things typed.

Of course, by the next night the previous day is mostly all forgotten and that day's experience takes over, which made me think, "Even this will be forgotten tomorrow, there's not much reason to be so concerned with it now. It's already finished."

I started meditating thinking/hoping it would have a positive effect on my life. Not long after, I realized if I lived a more peaceful life, my meditation would benefit, and perhaps let me go deeper. Words usually have the biggest influence on the condition of both.

Like this song, I'm going to try to go wordlessly this week, and maybe the next. There's something I've had in mind for a while, but I have to dig a bit deeper to get it out.

I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do!

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