Sunday, May 29, 2011

Five Precepts Blues; #2.13 - the Rewards of Giving

Josh White • Two Little Fishes (and Five Loaves of Bread)

During this months investigations, I've been reminded a reoccurring theme throughout the Buddha's teachings. Refraining from breaking the precepts is only half the journey. Positive actions just as important.

Here are some inspiring quotes from the Buddha, shared on Access to Insight;

Never underestimate the power of small gifts

"Even if a person throws the rinsings of a bowl or a cup into a village pool or pond, thinking, 'May whatever animals live here feed on this,' that would be a source of merit."

Giving even one's last meal

"If beings knew, as I know, the results of giving & sharing, they would not eat without having given, nor would the stain of miserliness overcome their minds. Even if it were their last bite, their last mouthful, they would not eat without having shared, if there were someone to receive their gift. But because beings do not know, as I know, the results of giving & sharing, they eat without having given. The stain of miserliness overcomes their minds."

The rewards of giving

"These are the five rewards of generosity: One is dear and appealing to people at large, one is admired by good people, one's good name is spread about, one does not stray from the rightful duties of the householder, and with the break-up of the body at death, one reappears in a good destination, in the heavenly worlds."

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