Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Morning Blues; My Face

I like this song because it points out that my face, and everything along with it, isn't actually "me" but a mask, a wall, a part, but not the whole. A face is a tool for interaction, how much we decided to reveal is up to us, that is our practice. A good start is being content with the face we wear. Like John, "my face I don't mind it, I'm living behind it."

As for the "I" living behind there, well, I'm not sure even John knew exactly what that is, but he seemed to have been on the right track!

[Due to technical difficulties, I haven't been able to link the video this morning, but I'll keep working on it when I get home from work tonight. For now, it's linked the video on my photo site. Also, I usually like to use the original album cover, but I don't have a decent quality image og "the Housing Project" album, and I thought the AERO•PLAIN album worked nicely, for obvious reasons!]

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