Wednesday, April 6, 2011

frogs in the marsh

I sometimes wonder if age can affect the potency of our Karma.

If I had to guess, I'd say no, but many of my most regrettable actions were done before the age of 14.

Right at the top are things my neighbors and I did to frogs we caught in the marsh when we were boys.

Not too often, but occasionally, it will arise while I'm meditating, and I'll feel a burn spread through my skin. I'm not sure how I'll make up for it, but that will be taken care of regardless...


  1. Just today I was telling a close friend about something I did when I was 12 years old that I continue to regret and wish I could automagically undo.

    And, of course, I can't undo it. But I can live more responsibly in this very moment. In a very real way, that cleans up all the baggage.

  2. It's really nice to hear from you, Barry!
    Hope everything's well!

    After writing this, I went upstairs to sit, and as the day's dust settled, I had a similar realization, that just changing must have a big impact.
    Thank you!

  3. I found your blog today and am loving reading through your posts (and sharing them)!!

  4. This makes me think if that poignant scene from the movie "Gandhi." When he gives advice to a grief-stricken Hindu man who said he was going to Hell for having killed a Muslim boy during the ethnic riots. Gandhi said, "I know a way out of Hell. Find a child, a child whose mother and father have been killed and raise him as your own. Only be sure that he is a Muslim and that you raise him as one."

    I believe there's always a way to right a wrong, though it's impossible to know, in the larger balance of all things, if there is a perfect equalizing or reckoning. I choose to think that when someone moves into awareness from unawareness by the commission of a shameful deed, then forgiveness and providence both move as well, to facilitate redemption. And I agree, Joseph, changing does have a big impact, I'm sure!

  5. wow! Thank you!
    I checked out your site, as well. That little girl was really cute! And I really liked the painting of the two glass swans, amazing!

  6. I would think: "me and the frog are the same. What I did to the frog, I did to myself". Once I really accept that idea, the pain becomes something autoinflicted. And then I would forgive myself for causing that pain to myself.