Tuesday, April 19, 2011

blossoms in the folk village, 2011

I tried to keep these down to a few this, but they're just so beautiful, I felt drawn to share them (not so much because I took them, but because of what was there to be photographed).

Also, none of these are cherry blossoms, the small ones are mostly plum and apricot blossoms, and the large white ones are magnolias. Traditionally, in Korea, plum blossoms were considered the most precious. Maybe cherry trees were introduced at a latter time. I catch myself trying to decide which ones I like the best, but then I realize I don't have to pic a favorite, they are beautiful!


  1. Wow! Really beautiful Joseph!
    And everytime I see that one with Fina on the bridge I imagine you sweating!

  2. haha! maybe not sweating, but definitely entrusting!!

    thank you!

  3. When I was child, early spring camellia starts blooming then, white and pink magnolia, plum then cherry blossoms. After finish pink clouds, world change into new green leaves.
    That Mum's garden is not exist anymore, but in my heart. Your lovely girl has flower calender in her little heart too.
    Thank you very much for let me recall Mum's garden.

  4. Thank you for sharing such a lovely memory.

    It's nice to have these little connects to people we've never even met. Sort of feels like we are all one! ^_^