Thursday, March 10, 2011

photos of Deoksugung

Deoksugung is a small palace in downtown Seoul, right across the street from Seoul City Hall.

It's small compared to most of the other of Seoul's palaces, but it's perhaps the most comfortable for a relaxing place to park for a few hours on an afternoon when you're just not feeling what's beyond its walls.
Or, when you need the shelter of a roof with a huge overhang, as my friends and I did during a sudden downpour on this day!

I'd like to add that even the the architecture has similarities, none of these buildings are Buddhist temples. I've seen a few photos of palace buildings online being sold as "temples" and I find it a bit ironic, since the Joseon Dynasty ended up banishing Buddhism from Seoul at the urging of the Neo-Confiucionists.

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