Friday, March 11, 2011

friend in Tokyo

Most of the Buddhist blogging community knows Marcus from his former blog, Marcus' Journal, and from his current writing on Wake Up and Laugh.

He's been a special friend to me since we met through Chong Go Sunim's Saturday talks and taking our precepts together at Hanmaum.

Recently, Marcus moved to Tokyo, and I'd just like to ask everyone to include some thoughts that he and his family are safe and together, along with your thoughts for all those also affected by the earthquake.

Thank you.


  1. Kwan Seum Bosal for Marcus and everyone in Japan.

  2. Pleae please please he and his love one, family are safe.

  3. Thank you everyone, I know Marcus will appreciate everyone's support.
    I'll post a notice when we hear from him!

  4. oṃ amoghasiddhi āḥ hūṃ
    from the bottom of my heart and in thoughts with the people of Japan and with Marcus, whose Karma brought him to this place right that moment.
    may all desaster come to rest immediately!

  5. Thank you. I mean that very deeply and sincerely. Thank you.
    Thank you everyone here on this thread and beyond. Thank you.
    And may the benefit of selfless practice reach all those who are suffering in this disaster.