Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning Blues; Masochistic Baby

[vodpod id=Video.5517466&w=425&h=350&fv=s%3DZT0xJmk9MTE3OTEwMTUwNCZrPWNUcjhRJmE9MTUyOTUzMTFfdkVZd3gmdT1iZW5naXZlbm5p]

As much as this song makes me laugh, there's also something about it that makes me uncomfortable.

Shel Silverstein had a gift for challenging and making us question our views, and he wasn't bashful in the way that he did it.

This song makes me look at the many ways in which we cause pain to ourselves in the pursuit of pleasure, with little consideration. Whether we find pleasure in intoxicating our senses, engaging in harmful speech, or destructive desires and actions, most of us indulge in a least one if not all of these.

As much as it hurts when the harmful things we indulge ourselves with are taken away, if we're willing to open our eyes to the bugger picture, we can see it's for the better. If you find your "Masochistic Baby" or whatever else your poison might be, has gone and left you again, take it as a good opportunity to get some treatment, or maybe even buy a nice, comfy cushion and park your bottom on it!

"Even an evil doer feels happy

Before his negative actions reach fruition.

However when the evil ripens

He will have a bountiful harvest of evil results."

-Dhammapada 9·Evil

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