Friday, February 25, 2011

in the tea house

I'd over heard the tea-master talking to three Bhikkhuni (Buddhist nuns) about wild green tea. I asked if the Korean tea I usually buy is wild and he said that it was organic but not wild. I told him that I hadn't tried wild tea before, then. Soon, to my delight, he prepared a pot and took out a package of wild tea, hand made by a monk in the south-western region of Korea, steaming and roasting it nine times to attain its fullest potential (gu jung/gu po).

I thought it tasted very similar to a high quality Chinese green tea, just much softer. The tea master didn't agree when I asked if he thought it tasted similar, though!

Myo Gak Seunim (Venerable Hyo Gak), Gu Jung/Gu Po



  1. What cool tea "saucers"! I know what I want Frank to make me for my birthday!!!

  2. Joseph, is this teahouse in the Insadong/Chogyesa neighborhood?

  3. When's your birthday, maybe I can send you some! ^_^

  4. Yes, it's about a 90 walk down from Jogyesa, on the same side of the street.
    I used to drop by after a visit to Jogyesa, but now I might drop by Jogyesa after a visit to the tea house... haha

  5. Well, yes, almost certainly I have. I asked because it looked familiar. I've had some fine cups of tea and good conversations there. (Ten+ years ago!)