Friday, January 21, 2011


Their weapons and my body-

Both are causes of my suffering!

Their weapons drew, while I held out my body.

Who then is more worthy of my anger?


Many times I've wanted, or tried, to find a loop-hole in which to vent or find sympathy. But the way is stitched tightly and sure doesn't give much room to rest. If it has sympathy, it compassionately keeps it hidden.

We're as responsible for the nerves in our flesh as we are for those of others, and as responsible for the drum in our ear, as for the tongue in our mouth. Being responsible for my suffering as well as yours, they are not separate.


  1. Occasionally I'll get a glimpse of my contribution to suffering. Sobering.

  2. Only occasionally? How fortunate!! ^_^

    There's hardly a moment I'm not aware of it, and yet I act anyway!