Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the Fina Express

There was a Nun who opened a meditation center outside of Gyungju. She decided to put it right by the express way because she knew that way it would attract serious practitioners.

If she would ever like to separate the serious from the hard-core, I'd recommend building the next meditation center beside a kindergarten!

As much as it tempts me to vent, there's not much room for sympathy, I know, but I hope the threads of my practice can hold on until I have the attention to mend them...


  1. This IS your practice!

    (And, no doubt, it's bloody tough! Sitting in a cave for years, chopping off your arm, throwing your body to hungry tigers, ha, - all a piece of cake in comparison!)

  2. That is true... just need a reminder once in a while!
    but it would certainly be helpful to have a quiet moment now and then~

    Haha, I'm not sure if cutting off body part and being fed upon by tigers would be much easier, but that cave sounds very nice!!

    Thank you, Marcus

  3. Well, my practice involves lots of mickey-mouse and donald-duck stuff. No need for chopping and whacking!

    Great photo!

  4. Thank you, actually I spend some time staring at the photo you used yesterday, it has a very nice composition.

    I've also thought back to the advice in your first post about keeping practice light... mine's been light in effort but heavy in mind, time to turn that around!