Wednesday, November 24, 2010

more on the North Korea situation

Here's a good video explaining yesterday's events, and an interesting, if not creepy, clip of a North Korean news broadcast:

(sorry, can't embed, you'll have to copy and paste)

If you watch the video, you may notice the island is in a different spot than on the map above. The map is correct.

As a friend of mine put it last night, they're like babies throwing temper tantrums for not getting their way... He also suggested this could be used as propaganda for Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Il's son who will be taking his place. They usually twist events to look as though the world trembles at their superior powers, now we also tremble before the son's power.

I'm still just hoping this doesn't escalate.

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  1. That North Korean announcer always freaks me out. She seems to be talking with so much pride and conviction. What kind of training has she gone through? thanks for posting this Joseph.