Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vril and the Swastika

The Discovery Channel had an interesting program about an alleged secret society in Germany called the Vril Society that had immense influence on the Nazis and even hand picked Hitler through the use of a medium to lead the party. "Vril" refers to their idea of a universal life energy. The program compared it to the Indian idea of "Pranna" or the Eastern idea of "Chi" and their goal was to exploit this energy for their own powers. They spent the equivalent of twenty-billion dollars by today's standards on excursions to Tibet, where they studied Buddhist monks, who they believed held some secrets about mastering Vril. They also believed that Tibetans were the ancestors of the Aryan Race. Eventually, they realized their research was leading to nothing and they left. Unfortunate, they took with them the ancient symbol of the Swastika and changed it's meaning to one of hatred.

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