Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy 3rd, Fina!

Yesterday was Fina's b-day. Every year, the same thought crosses my mind, "We survived!" Hopefully, we did a little better than just survived, but it's a good reason to celebrate, anyway!

We started off with a visit to a little man-made lake where we rented a duck-shaped petal boats, the headed over to the little amusement park. It reminded me of the Yarmouth Exhibition when I was a kid, where if the rides didn't make me sick, the food would! It was a lot of fun! Fina's favorite thing was the car that reminded her of her Aunt Jennifer's blue Mustang!

Then we headed downtown, back to the Hello Kitty Café, where Fina had been waiting all week for Hello Kitty cake!

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  1. Congratulation!
    Your family seems to be very happy there.
    It is very good for your family.