Friday, April 22, 2011

blossoms in the rain

What ever might be wrong in the world, somethings are still right...

With the cherry blossoms always comes the first spring rains. They wash away the grit left behind from the yellow sand storms, and much of the cherry blossoms with it.

After just a couple short rain falls, already the hills are bursting with vibrant, bright green.

The forecast is giving rain for much of the next two weeks, so I figured I'd take Fina out today incase there isn't much left by the time it's sunny again. Cherry blossoms look even softer against a white sky, delaying the occasional rain drop from completing its journey to the ground. They will go the rest of the way together soon enough.


  1. Hi Joseph.
    I'm asking you. May I up your 2 photos (only cherry blossoms) in my blog?
    Yours are so beautiful.

  2. Yes! Of course, I'd be pleased~ ^_^

    Would you like me to email you the larger files?
    I also have other photos one my photosite if you'd like to use any of those;

  3. Here is the blog.
    Sakura is my symbol for gracefullness and letting go.
    Your photos gave me the possibility for writing this post.
    Thank you.

  4. Gorgeous! Amazing pictures. Thank you.